Website Development

Your website is a 24/7 business card for your company. It’s also often the first impression a person gets of your company. That means you need a website that’s highly functional, effective, and user-friendly; once someone loses interest in a website, that person rarely comes back.

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At Main Street Web, we specialize in website development. Do you need a custom WordPress plugin? How about finding bugs and getting rid of them so your site isn’t crashing or glitchy? Maybe you want to connect with an API. Whatever it is, the team at Main Street Web has the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed all the WordPress development needs that you have.

Web Development Services We Provide

Here are web development services we provide.
Please feel free to reach out for more information and with any questions you might have.

Custom Code and Plugins.

When adding custom code to a site, or custom plugins to store different functions, it’s critical to be accurate. Just one small error can completely wreck an entire website, causing downtime and lost business.

API Integrations.

Your Application Programming Interface is another critical component. It helps ensure seamless interaction between applications, data, and devices, making websites and mobile apps smooth and user-friendly.

Hosting Support.

Visibility is everything in the online marketplace. You need a reliable hosting provider with dedicated servers to make sure your website is up and running and that people can find it, boosting your company’s continuity and efficiency.

Site Migrations and Complete Site Setup.

Migrating a website or setting one up can be a huge task that you probably want expert help for. We can do that in a way that minimizes downtime and mitigates other concerns such as SEO risk.

Integrations (HubSpot, Zapier, and more).

Website integration is the process of connecting a website with other systems. The benefit of this is being able to send and receive data between your own website and other applications, which can save your business both time and money.

Email Support and Email Delivery Packages (e.g. SendGrid, PostMark App).

Email remains one of the best ways for companies to communicate internally, connect with customers, and share promotions, special deals, and new products. Whether you want an onsite system or a hosted one, we’ll help you set it up and provide ongoing support to make sure this invaluable tool is always functioning properly.

How can we help you with your website development? Let’s get started today!